Gamma Delt faces College sanctions

by Omer Ismail | 5/8/00 5:00am

Gamma Delta Chi fraternity will face a level two hearing -- the same level hearing that lead to the derecognition of Phi Delta Alpha fraternity in March -- tomorrow, after allegations surfaced that the fraternity failed to follow Coed Fraternity Sorority social event procedures and the College's alcohol policy.

Gamma Delt allegedly failed to follow the correct registration for CFS social events and allegedly failed to provide wristbands for legal age drinkers, and offer nonalcoholic drink alternatives at a social event -- procedures that all Greek houses are required to follow.

Although these allegations against Gamma Delt would normally result in a level one hearing, Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman informed The Dartmouth that the hearing was shifted to the second level in light of previous sanctions against the fraternity.

Last November, Gamma Delt was slapped with a $200 fine and placed on probation until Dec. 31, 2000, for an alleged "panty raid" in Alpha Xi Delta and Kappa Delta Epsilon sororities by a group of Gamma Delt pledges in October.

In this instance, Redman also heard a level two trial against Gamma Delt, in which the house was found guilty of breaking and entering, theft, damage to personal property and misuse of fire safety equipment that violates College policy.

"Because of past sanctions the hearing has been moved to a level two," Redman explained, adding, tomorrow's hearing will "provide the opportunity to access the full range of sanctions available if in fact the organizations violated these policies or rules."

If found guilty in a level two hearing, possible sanctions for the house range from a simple warning to the loss of recognition. As the Hearing Officer of the College, Redman decides level two cases, with the CFS Judicial Committee playing an advisorial role.

Redman said tomorrow's hearing is likely to last approximately one-and-a-half to two hours. Although there is a possibility that Redman may issue his decision immediately after the hearing, it is not required that he do so.

President of Gamma Delt, Mike Weir '01, could not be reached for comment last night.