Survival tips for a grueling midterm season

By Luke Decker | 10/8/12 6:00am

Whether you have traditional midterms or late-term exams, it is obviously very important to do well on these dreaded beasts. Here are a few tips on how to tackle “midterms:”

1. DO NOT study in popular study places a.k.a. facetime locations. This list includes, but is not limited to: Novack Cafe, First Floor Berry (FFB), Collis Cafe, and Baker Lobby. Some better locations might include: Top of the Hop, the upstairs seating in Class of 1953 Commons, One Wheelock, third and fourth floor Berry, the Tower Room, the new Black Family Visual Arts Center, or your residence hall’s lounge.

2. Meet with your professor at least one week before a midterm to ensure that you’ve beat the midterm rush crowd during office hours. This will help you prepare well in advance of your exam, and with fewer people waiting in line, you'll be able to get more questions answered.

3. Stay away from King Arthur Flour for your coffee. Brew your own, or get it in Novack, '53 Commons, or Collis. A long line at KAF will not only take you away from your books for an extended period of time, but you will likely run into someone you know who could keep you away from your studying for even longer with a small talk conversation.

4. Chew mint gum during your exam. Mint has been proven to help keep students awake and alert. Oranges and dark chocolate have been rumored to aid you in recalling information.

5. Stay hydrated, but don't drink an excessive amount of water before your exam. The worst feeling in the world is having to take a five-minute bathroom break from an already time-tight exam.

6. GO TO BED EARLY. Don’t try to cram every last fact into your brain at 4 a.m. the night before an exam. A well-rested mind is far more likely to produce exceptional work. If you don’t know it bedtime before your exam, you probably won’t remember it the next morning. Instead of wasting time at night cramming more information in your mind, spend more time reviewing what you already know and get some sleep!

Luke Decker