Luke Decker


Decker: Missed Opportunity

The first time I came to visit Dartmouth, I asked my tour guide what defined the "Dartmouth undergraduate experience" so highly spoken about in US News and World Report.

Decker: The Power of Peer Advising

It is no secret that Dartmouth's advising system lags far behind some of its peer institutions'. By the first week of my freshman year, it was clear to me that I would have to navigate the College's academic maze on my own.

Decker: Athlete or Mathlete, Pick One?

The first of April is the time of year when the admissions office makes its final decisions on the incoming class, as well as the time when Dartmouth's athletic teams can, for the most part, finalize their rosters for the upcoming season.

Decker: A New Age of Privacy

My social media accounts have begun to pick up on an interesting trend. I see tweets along the lines of, "Today Student X said such and such," Instagram photos depicting a ridiculous answer to a test question and Facebook posts flooded with comments on how weird it is to be called by your last name.

Decker: Too Good to Be True

Born without fibulas, his legs were amputated below the knee when he was only 11 months old. By age 17, he had the world record in the T44 (reduced function in lower limbs) 100-meter dash.

Decker: Worldly Connections

I was talking to one of my good friends from the University of California, Berkeley the other day about a term that she decided to take off in the middle of her junior year.

Decker: Categorically Racist

I was only made aware this week that a task force known as the Bias Incident Response Team existed at Dartmouth.


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