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May 27, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editor’s Note

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Returning to campus after a hefty six weeks of holiday can be a little jarring. You greet people as though you haven’t seen them in years, yet opening up Canvas takes you right back to the final you bombed last term. Despite being so used to my arduous journey from Heathrow to Hanover, stepping into the frosty January air at Boston Logan to wait for the Coach felt like an assault to my senses. 

As I stood amongst my enormous suitcases by the curb and pulled my hood up to avoid eye contact with people I had made small talk with once, a twinge of excitement fluttered through me. I had been making this twelve hour journey for almost four years now. This was the penultimate time that I would be doing it. Despite the exhaustion that hit me every time I plonked down amongst the hoards on the coach, I couldn’t deny that I felt comfort in returning to Hanover. It didn’t quite look like winter wonderland when we rolled in, due to the lack of snow, but thankfully it does now. And snow makes everything about winter fun.

This week, our writers chronicle a variety of wintry whims. One writer muses on the length of winterim, while another discusses reactions and reflections to Dartmouth’s lowest ever early decision acceptance rate. Two writers ponder the experience of seasonal depression during the colder months, and two others reflect on the way media has shaped their life and the difficulty of disconnecting from campus life while away.

We at Mirror are excited to be getting back into the groove of campus and are looking forward to whatever snowballs this term is going to hurl at us. For two thirds of our team, this is our final term as editors … so fasten your ski boots and join us for the ride.