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February 26, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editor’s Note

2024-01-30 12.30.03.jpg

It might just be me, but January has truly felt like the longest month ever. And, boy, am I relieved that tomorrow it will be over and the month of Valentines will be among us. 

January has always felt like a time capsule to me. It has the short lived excitement as the first month of a New Year, but simultaneously carries the fatigue and sadness of the year before. Returning to Hanover this year was admittedly harder for me than other years. Now, more than ever, it feels hard to find solace in connecting to both friends and the rest of the world in the thick of New England winter. It feels easier to stay buried beneath the covers, painfully de-sensitized to Instagram reels of the news of senseless violence and terror around the world. It seems easier to duck your head underneath a hood to avoid seeing the face of someone that was a friend to you your freshman year. The cold has been sapping the energy right out of me, and it is shamefully easier to hide this January. The promise of a new month is sort of thrilling though, especially when the world around you is laden with snow. 

This week at Mirror, our writers break the ice on various student debates and experiences. One writer spotlights students who travel abroad during their off-terms, while another highlights how seniors network. Finally, one writer spotlights the Dartmouth formula racing club.  

Despite this month leaving me with sadness and slight heartache, I am optimistic that February will bring Hershey’s Kisses and ice skating. Hopefully, I will sink fewer times into the preposterous puddle that stands menacingly in front of my house. But even so, you have to sink before you swim, so here’s to better things to come.