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May 30, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Family of Dartmouth football head coach Buddy Teevens ’79 releases update on his health

Teevens’ wife Kirsten said that Coach Teevens’ right leg was amputated and that he remains in medical care.


Dartmouth football head coach Buddy Teevens ’79 is “experiencing many positive improvements” in his recovery from a bicycle accident last month, according to an April 18 Dartmouth Athletics press release from his wife, Kirsten.

Teevens, whose right leg was amputated as a result of the March 16 collision and who continues to suffer from spinal cord injuries, is “alert and communicating with us,” Kirsten Teevens wrote. Teevens is “ready for transfer” to a rehabilitation center for further treatment, she added.

The press release did not specify a timeline as to when Teevens is expected to be released, nor when he plans to return to coaching.

“Spinal cord injuries are challenging, and if anybody is up for the challenge, it is Buddy,” Kirsten Teevens wrote. “We appreciate your continued respect of our privacy as we navigate this ongoing recovery process as a family.”

On March 18, Teevens was involved in a bicycle accident in Saint Augustine, Florida, where his family owns a home. On April 4, the Haldeman Family Director of Athletics and Recreation Mike Harrity announced that Sammy McMorckle would act as head football coach.

The head coach of Big Green football from 1987-1991 and continuously since 2005, Teevens has led Dartmouth to three Ivy League championships and has twice been named Ivy League Coach of the Year.