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The Dartmouth
June 24, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth
Angelina Scarlotta
The Dartmouth Senior Staff

Battling Food Waste at Dartmouth

As a freshman, the majority of my meals take place in the traditional dining hall setting that is the Class of 1953 Commons, more familiarly known as Foco. I go in, try to find a free booth on light side, brave the lines for sushi or Ma Thayer’s, eat and catch up with friends, get rid of my plate ...


Mixing and Matching Majors and Minors

At Dartmouth, where 35 percent of given degrees are for the social sciences, another 9 percent are for engineering, and 8 percent are for biological or life sciences, it can be easy to look at potential degree paths through a narrow lens. While Dartmouth’s liberal arts philosophy encourages students ...


Climbing Cliffs and Breaking Ceilings

Traditionally, the outdoors have been a male-controlled space. History remembers men as the explorers, the athletes, the scientists and women as the teachers, the nurses, the wives. However, the lines between men and the outdoors and women and the indoors have been blurred and bent in recent years — ...

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Changing the Culture: Drinking Behaviors at Dartmouth

College and alcohol are invariably connected: preparing for midterms and preparing for tailgates, finishing your essay and finishing your game of pong, going to class and going out for the night exist in tandem. At Dartmouth — a college jokingly referred to as “The Party Ivy,” with a beer keg ...

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