Editors' Note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 11/9/22 2:05am

by Lucy Handy / The Dartmouth

Here at Mirror, this week’s sunny skies are holding off the stark reality that fall is almost over. It’s the time of the term when we start rushing from the library straight into formal attire and then back again. There’s something triumphant but bittersweet about the term’s final push before our extra long winter break. We’re going to miss seeing the sun after 4 p.m., almost as much as we’ll miss seeing our classmates for six weeks and spending autumn in the idyllic woods of New Hampshire.

Thankfully, our writers are making the best of our increasingly short days. From a reflection on the Fifty to investigating the continuation of high school tropes at college, we return to the classics. Other writers spotlight the Ukrainian Student Association and survey fall media’s best.

As seniors, it’s the last stretch of our last fall, but we’re not ready to let go just yet. Now that it’s getting extra dark extra early, we’ll be your literary companions for the winter. So take a final stroll around Occom before it ices over and look for a copy of the Mirror on a newsstand along the way. Like catching that last glance of Baker tower before sunset, we promise you won’t regret it.