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April 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Mirror Asks: End of Year

Mirror writers share their thoughts on the conclusion of spring term and look forward to what summer may bring.

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End of spring term: scary, exciting or a relief? Why?

Adrienne Murr ’25: Scary. Imagining a new freshman class is disgusting. 

Audrey O’Brien ’25: All of the Above: It’s scary how fast the year flew by, but I’m definitely relieved to have a long break and excited to head into my sophomore year (getting closer to sophomore summer!!!). 

Gretchen Bauman ’25: Scary! Spring term went by so fast that I feel like it didn’t even happen. 

Hannah Shariff ’25: Scary, because I’m not ready to be a sophomore yet. But also now that I finally feel comfortable here I’m excited to see how I continue to grow! 

Kaia Culotta ’25: Definitely a bit scary seeing as it’s the end of my first year of college, but also very exciting too. I’ve had such a great first year here and I’m looking forward to spending some time with friends and family this summer and then starting off another great year in the fall. 

Marius DeMartino ’25: A relief! It’s been a good year but I’m happy to go home.

Molly Stevens ’25: Scary. It went by too fast for my liking. 

Nick Dahl ’25: Relief. I’ve been way behind on work all term, so having the cycle of catching up finally be over will be a relief. I’ll also be sad to leave some of my friends, but a lot of them I’m seeing over the summer.

Novi Zhukovsky ’22: Terrifying, exciting, nerve-wracking. Can’t believe I actually have to enter the real world in just a few weeks. 

Omala Snyder ’24: I’m relieved — it’s been a fun but busy term!

Parker O’Hara ’25: Definitely a little scary to be finished with freshman year of college already. 

Selin Hos ’25: Slightly scary! It’s a strange feeling to be at the end of my first year of college. It’s hard to describe the feeling of looking back at the year and just soaking it all up, knowing that it was what it was. 

Tess Bowler ’25: End of spring term is very exciting for me because even though I am studying abroad this summer, I feel like it will be a much needed break from the workload that being on campus at Dartmouth entails. 

Looking back on the term, what were some of your highlights?

AM: 2 a.m. river dips, Foco soft serve, tan lines.

AO: Meeting so many new people and finding my place in the Dartmouth community.

GB: Green Key, dips in the river, and going to Massachusetts for a triathlon. 

HS: Some highlights: SAPA training, putting on Green Key with the PB team and of course writing for Mirror! 

KC: I had a great time enjoying the weather with friends — we went on walks to the golf course, Occom Pond and to the river. I also loved my classes and professors this term. As far as The D goes, I would definitely say one of my highlights was the Q&A I did with Professor Rosario. It was really fascinating to talk to her and get her opinion on such an important issue, and I feel like it’s a really important story to get out there. 

MD: Going down to the river every day for like a week

MS: Green Key!!

ND: First Theater performance, first D article, staying at one of the lodges, finding a cat outside my dorm at three in the morning

NZ: Definitely some of the impulsive things; daily dipping, reading original poetry at lingerie, writing very personal reflections for Mirror. But also the mundane things too — library sessions with friends, grazing on the Green, hugs, laughs. God, I’m already getting emotional.

OS: WoodstocKDE and Green Key

PO: Dips in the river, Toadboat concerts, dinners on the Green, Green Key, all the time spent with friends and Mirror socials of course

SH: The re-emergence of the sun!! Spending time at the river with my friends is something I hope to never take for granted.

TB: Some of my highlights were obviously Green Key, but also just days spent at the river and other moments where, even though I didn’t travel very far, it felt like I was “off campus” 

In the spirit of finals, favorite outside study spot?

AM: Golf course for writing. Novack tables for grind.

AO: Any random bench I can find

GB: Benches on the Green, and the Ledyard docks. 

HS: Outside the physics building! 

KC: The tables outside Kemeny. 

MD: My hammock set up outside the Choates

MS: The tables outside Collis

ND: Tables outside of Kemeny

NZ: Some Thayer classrooms have little outdoor decks! 

OS: The courtyard outside Haldeman

PO: I’m really bad at doing homework outside but I like sitting in Sanborn with the window in front of me open.

SH: It seems that whenever I go outside to “study,” I never end up doing any work. Someone I know always walks by and then I just end up chatting the day away.

TB: Sanborn with the desk where the tea used to be

Are there any bucket list items you’re trying to knock off before you leave?

AM: shhh

GB: No bucket list items, but I do need to spend almost $200 in DBA.

HS: I’m not trying to do the Lou’s challenge but I fear it may happen anyways 

KC: The Lou’s Challenge :) 

MD: One last Gile hike

MS: Paddle board on the river 

ND: Midnight canoe trip with abstractly borrowed Ledyard canoe

NZ: Walk in graduation! 

OS: Lou’s Challenge must be done

PO: Stay in a cabin!!!

SH: I just want to spend as many moments as I can with my friends before we all leave for the summer! There will never be a moment just like this one, and the circumstances will never be the same. We will likely be different people returning to a different campus, so any time enjoying the present is a bucket list item.

TB: Night swimming (again) 

What are you most looking forward to once the term ends?

AM: Cooking decadent breakfasts for myself, learning how to knit, aimless drives with old friends 

GB: Seeing my home friends and family, having a car again, and seeing the Indiana cornfields :) 

HS: Sleeping without waking up in a panic about an essay I’ve forgotten to turn in. And seeing my friends from home! 

KC: Seeing my family back home in San Diego! 

MD: The sunny weather at home in Florida

MS: Having more free time 

ND: The ocean 

NZ: I’m going on a camping trip out west with a few friends. I’m excited to enjoy being outside completely disconnected and without any looming thoughts of work or other commitments. 

OS: Going home briefly before summer begins to see my family

PO: Seeing my family, pets and friends from home

SH: I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at home. I wonder how much everything — and everyone — has changed since I’ve been here. Maybe I’ll find that things are just as I last left them.

TB: Just getting a break from the work hard/play hard culture. As much fun as I have here, I feel like it also screws up my priorities and being out of that fast loop will allow me to take a more objective look on what I want my next four years to look like. 

What are your summer plans?

AM: Travel, read, tan, beach, write postcards to my dartmouth friends, make $$$.

AO: I am working as a legal intern this summer back home in Kansas and I plan on spending a lot of time with my friends

GB: Interning for Legal Aid, kayaking in the Apostle Islands in late August and leading Trips!

HS: I plan on traveling, interning, doing some research and binge watching Twilight for the fifth time! 

KC: I’m actually staying on campus to do undergraduate research with a Dartmouth professor! Some of my really close friends are staying too and I’m friends with several sophomores as well, so I’m excited to spend time with them and participate in a project I’m really interested in. 

MD: Working at home and going on vacation!

MS: Scooping ice cream 

ND: Lots of road trips with friends: Pacific coast highway, Glacier national park, Utah national parks, Acadia and Nova Scotia. Also, finding a job to fund gas

NZ: I will be living at home in New York City until I begin work in August. At the end of summer I’m planning on moving out and looking for a place to live with my sister in the City.

OS: Sophomore Summer !!!

PO: Traveling with family and working as a camp counselor

SH: I’ll be a summer camp counselor in Istanbul!

TB: I’m studying Arabic and Middle Eastern studies in Morocco for the Arabic LSA+ and then will probably go visit my best friend at USC.