Editors' Note

by Caris White and Arielle Feuerstein | 5/18/22 2:00am

by Kalyn Dawes / The Dartmouth

Can you believe it’s already week eight? Sometimes, the passage of time simply gets away from us. It really does feel like just yesterday that we were rolling up to campus after an all-too-short spring break — and now we’re publishing our third-to-last Editors’ Note of the term. Summer is on the horizon, and despite our excitement, there is also uncertainty in the air. 

This week at Mirror, we explore the unique stress of heading into summer — as one writer discusses going into freshman summer without having it all figured out, and another examines how unaffiliated members of the Class of 2024 feel about entering their sophomore summer. To wrap up the term’s final stretch, one ’25 reflects on her experience coming to Dartmouth from the Midwest, two writers finally attend the campus Listserv events we’ve all been hearing about and we talk to students who have dramatically changed their academic paths after entering college.

Even as spring term is slipping away faster than we can keep up with, there is still time to savor the fleeting moments. As you gear up for finals, be sure to take that last dip in the river, Woccom or picnic on the Green. We promise you won’t regret it.