Arielle Feuerstein

Arielle (’24) is from Bethesda, Maryland. She writes for Mirror and loves having the opportunity to report on campus culture. In addition to writing, Arielle enjoys skiing, taking late-night walks around Occom Pond and playing board games.



Special Issue

Tobacco ban sparks College-wide debate on substance use

Dartmouth has a reputation for its rampant alcohol consumption and partying; after all, the College’s unofficial mascot is a sentient beer keg. For decades now, Dartmouth has attempted to shed this reputation and curb the prevalence of alcohol and drugs on campus. 

2.27.20 skiway


Looking Ahead: Students React to Winter Term Changes

Every winter, Hanover undergoes a transformation. The days get shorter, temperatures plummet and snow covers campus. However, this winter features a more dramatic shift than usual. As Dartmouth prepares to welcome students back for the winter term, signs of a more fun, social experience are appearing around campus.



Dining at Dartmouth with Disordered Eating

Food is an inescapable part of our campus culture. We find it everywhere: in dinner picnics on the Green, as fuel for late-night work sessions in Novack and as an oddly popular topic of conversation. But not everyone’s relationship with food is straightforward. Many students with eating disorders struggle to navigate Dartmouth’s dining halls and food-dominated social scene, and their difficulties are only compounded by COVID-19 restrictions.



Comfort in the Unexpected: ’24s Meet the ‘Sun God’

I thought I knew exactly what to expect from my freshman fall. I had meticulously read the COVID-19 regulations, researched campus culture and tempered my idealistic visions into a pretty realistic picture of how the term would materialize. But Dartmouth has a way of throwing surprises at us. I hadn’t expected midnight CVS runs to be so crucial to my survival, nor to find such sheer joy in eating maple-flavored cotton candy.