Editors' Note

by Caris White and Arielle Feuerstein | 5/11/22 2:00am

by Lila Hovey / The Dartmouth

Maybe it’s just the weather, but somehow this week seven doesn’t feel like such a slog. After all, it’s hard to complain when we’re all getting our first sunburns of the season and “just 10 more minutes” on the Green stretches into long, sundrenched afternoons.

We editors aren’t the only ones appreciating the change in the forecast: This week our writers pen a love letter to the sun, hike (and rank) Hanover’s best local trails and spotlight the upcoming Sophomore Trips program. They also reflect on the academic value of a humanities education and weigh Dartmouth’s role as both a supposedly secular institution and a site of significant religious change for some students.

As the days get longer, the remainder of our term gets shorter. Nevertheless, some things are timeless. A dip in the Connecticut, a nap in the sun, a conversation with a friend you haven’t seen in a while — these stretch from fleeting moments into lasting memories. And here at Mirror, we’ve made it our mission to write them all down.