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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Mirror Asks: Spring Term

Mirror writers share their thoughts on spring weather, hopes for Green Key and bucket list items.

mirror asks 2.jpg

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

Adriana James-Rodil ’25: The weather!

Ally Burg ’25: I am looking forward to the warm weather and going to the river.

Eliza Dunn ’25: Some huge wins with the club lacrosse team.

Gretchen Bauman ’25: Warm weather and swimming in the river.

Mariel Fulghum ’25: Warm weather and leaves on the trees!!

Marius DeMartino ’25: I am so excited for the weather to warm up so we can do things like swim in the river again!

Molly Stevens ’25: Seeing the greenish-brown grass again.

Novi Zhukovsky ’22: I am most looking forward to going to new spaces on campus and trying out new activities with the people I love the most in my last term at Dartmouth. I just ordered rollerblades from Amazon, so catch me blading around with full protection gear in the next few weeks. Will likely be falling. A lot.

Omala Snyder ’24: Spending more time outdoors & making new friends.

Parker O’Hara ’25: Warm weather, sitting out on the green, swimming in the river, Green Key.

What class are you most excited for?

AJ: Introduction to Archaeology.

AB: Introduction to Engineering (ENGS21).

ED: Native American Literature with Professor Benson Taylor.

GB: Intro to Middle Eastern Studies.

MF: Intro to Archaeology.

MD: I'm most excited for MES 1 because my friend took it last term and I've heard great things.

MS: Reading and Writing Fiction.

NZ: Acting I! Who knows, might be a game-changer.

OS: My YA lit class.

PO: History of American Women in the 20th Century.

Spring snow: yay or nay?

AJ: Nay.

AB: Nay.

ED: Yay! (holding onto spring skiing as long as I can....!)

GB: Absolutely not.

MF: Mmmm no….

MD: Absolutely not. I almost cried when I got to Hanover and it was fully snowing.

MS: Nay.

NZ: Absolutely not. I packed lots of cute skirts and dresses that I look forward to wearing ASAP. This is my term of not wearing pants.

OS: Hard no.

PO: Nay.

What’s your definition of shorts weather?

AJ: 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

AB: 60 degrees.

ED: After this winter, anything above 50.

GB: Anything over 30 degrees.

MF: 60+ and sunny.

MD: Every day I get closer to the edge of wearing shorts even though there's snow on the ground.

MS: Um… 60 degrees maybe.

NZ: Above 65 degrees and sunny before 5 p.m.

OS: A lot of sun.

PO: 60 or higher.

What’s your dream Green Key line up?

AJ: Wallows.

AB: Olivia O'Brien.

ED: The Band Camino opening for Quinn XCII.

GB: Olivia Rodrigo, Childish Gambino & Avril Lavigne.

MF: Phoebe Bridgers, Kid Cudi, Taylor Swift.

MD: Flo Milli (and I'll never forgive her for passing us up for Cornell).

MS: Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow performing “Industry Baby” on repeat.

NZ: Sticky Fingers, The Virgins, Vampire Weekend, Lorde.

OS: Taylor Swift.

PO: Taylor Swift.

What’s at the top of your spring term bucket list?

AJ: Visit Mink Brook.

AB: Lou's challenge, roller blading and stargazing.

ED: Swimming in the river (polar plunge round two?)!

GB: I'm hoping to race a half marathon this term!

MF: A DOC backpacking/camping trip.

MS: Paddle boarding on the river.

MD: Not impulsively getting on a flight to Florida.

NZ: Oh so many things. I actually just made up a spring bucket list with one of my best friends chock-full of activities. I'm personally very excited to check-off peeing the Dartmouth seven from the list.

OS: Getting outdoors more.

PO: Do more DOC trips.