Mirror Asks: Spring Term

Mirror writers share their thoughts on spring weather, hopes for Green Key and bucket list items.

by The Mirror Staff | 3/30/22 2:05am

by Sophie Bailey / The Dartmouth Senior Staff

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

Adriana James-Rodil ’25: The weather!

Ally Burg ’25: I am looking forward to the warm weather and going to the river.

Eliza Dunn ’25: Some huge wins with the club lacrosse team.

Gretchen Bauman ’25: Warm weather and swimming in the river.

Mariel Fulghum ’25: Warm weather and leaves on the trees!!

Marius DeMartino ’25: I am so excited for the weather to warm up so we can do things like swim in the river again!

Molly Stevens ’25: Seeing the greenish-brown grass again.

Novi Zhukovsky ’22: I am most looking forward to going to new spaces on campus and trying out new activities with the people I love the most in my last term at Dartmouth. I just ordered rollerblades from Amazon, so catch me blading around with full protection gear in the next few weeks. Will likely be falling. A lot.

Omala Snyder ’24: Spending more time outdoors & making new friends.

Parker O’Hara ’25: Warm weather, sitting out on the green, swimming in the river, Green Key.

What class are you most excited for?

AJ: Introduction to Archaeology.

AB: Introduction to Engineering (ENGS21).

ED: Native American Literature with Professor Benson Taylor.

GB: Intro to Middle Eastern Studies.

MF: Intro to Archaeology.

MD: I'm most excited for MES 1 because my friend took it last term and I've heard great things.

MS: Reading and Writing Fiction.

NZ: Acting I! Who knows, might be a game-changer.

OS: My YA lit class.

PO: History of American Women in the 20th Century.

Spring snow: yay or nay?

AJ: Nay.

AB: Nay.

ED: Yay! (holding onto spring skiing as long as I can....!)

GB: Absolutely not.

MF: Mmmm no….

MD: Absolutely not. I almost cried when I got to Hanover and it was fully snowing.

MS: Nay.

NZ: Absolutely not. I packed lots of cute skirts and dresses that I look forward to wearing ASAP. This is my term of not wearing pants.

OS: Hard no.

PO: Nay.

What’s your definition of shorts weather?

AJ: 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

AB: 60 degrees.

ED: After this winter, anything above 50.

GB: Anything over 30 degrees.

MF: 60+ and sunny.

MD: Every day I get closer to the edge of wearing shorts even though there's snow on the ground.

MS: Um… 60 degrees maybe.

NZ: Above 65 degrees and sunny before 5 p.m.

OS: A lot of sun.

PO: 60 or higher.

What’s your dream Green Key line up?

AJ: Wallows.

AB: Olivia O'Brien.

ED: The Band Camino opening for Quinn XCII.

GB: Olivia Rodrigo, Childish Gambino & Avril Lavigne.

MF: Phoebe Bridgers, Kid Cudi, Taylor Swift.

MD: Flo Milli (and I'll never forgive her for passing us up for Cornell).

MS: Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow performing “Industry Baby” on repeat.

NZ: Sticky Fingers, The Virgins, Vampire Weekend, Lorde.

OS: Taylor Swift.

PO: Taylor Swift.

What’s at the top of your spring term bucket list?

AJ: Visit Mink Brook.

AB: Lou's challenge, roller blading and stargazing.

ED: Swimming in the river (polar plunge round two?)!

GB: I'm hoping to race a half marathon this term!

MF: A DOC backpacking/camping trip.

MS: Paddle boarding on the river.

MD: Not impulsively getting on a flight to Florida.

NZ: Oh so many things. I actually just made up a spring bucket list with one of my best friends chock-full of activities. I'm personally very excited to check-off peeing the Dartmouth seven from the list.

OS: Getting outdoors more.

PO: Do more DOC trips.