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April 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Editors’ Note: Spring Special Issue 2021

In this year’s Spring Special Issue, we discuss the future as we emerge from the pandemic.

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This editors' note is featured in the 2021 Spring special issue. 

A typical Hanover spring represents a bright emergence from wintery weather, as grey slush recedes into memory and campus comes alive with an explosion of green. This issue would typically be the Green Key Special, and come out the Friday before the big weekend. For the second year in a row, however, pandemic conditions have made Dartmouth’s spring music festival untenable. But this spring is entirely different than the last.

After 14 months of wearing masks, social distancing and virtual events, the end of this pandemic has come into focus. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcing that fully vaccinated Americans no longer needed to wear masks in most circumstances, the public health restrictions which defined this last year of life are beginning to recede. 

So much change has occurred within the last year, begging the question:  how will we move forward? This spring special issue examines the lingering effects of pandemic life: what we will leave behind, and what we will bring with us into the future. The gradual emergence from the year of COVID-19 will define the next few months — for Dartmouth, the country and the world.

We chose the theme of emergence precisely for this reason. The pandemic drastically changed our lives and much is still unclear as we step into a post-pandemic world. This issue explores the future of applications like Zoom that have dictated much of our daily interactions, as well as how mental health resources have adapted in response to the pandemic. We reflect on various cultural shifts brought on by this past year’s disruptions to the typical Dartmouth experience, from a new demand for off-campus housing to changes in DOC leadership development.  

At the precipice of change, we hope this issue affords readers a glimpse into the future of Dartmouth. 


Arielle Feuerstein, Emily Lu & Max Teszler

Emily Lu
Emily ('23) is a reporter from Austin, Texas who covers news and sports for The Dartmouth. She's interested in studying anthropology, global health and public policy.

Arielle Feuerstein

Arielle Feuerstein ’24 is an English major from Bethesda, Maryland. She currently serves as the production executive editor, and in the past, she wrote and edited for Mirror. In addition to writing, Arielle enjoys crocheting, board games and walks around Occom Pond.