The Dartmouth announces its 177th directorate

by Caitlin McCarthy | 3/6/20 2:10am

This spring, Rachel Pakianathan ’21 and Lydia Yeshitla ’21 will take up the mantles of editor-in-chief and publisher of The Dartmouth, respectively.

Pakianathan, an economics and philosophy double major from Plainsboro, NJ, began writing for the news section in her freshman fall. She was an associate managing editor in the winter and spring of 2019 and an editor of the Homecoming special issue in fall 2018. Pakianathan will succeed outgoing editor-in-chief Debora Hyemin Han ’20.

Yeshitla is an economics major from Franklin Lakes, NJ. She has been a member of the marketing, analytics and technology staff since her freshman year, although it was called the communications and marketing staff until the fall of 2019. Yeshitla is replacing publisher Aidan Sheinberg ’20.

2020 Editorial Directorate

Elizabeth Janowski ’21 will serve as news executive editor and Matthew Magann ’21 will serve as production executive editor. The pair will replace executive editor Alex Fredman ’20.

Eileen Brady ’21 and Abby Mihaly ’21 will replace Peter Charalambous ’20 and Anthony Robles ’20 as news managing editors.

Chantal Elias ’22 and Callum Zehner ’21 will replace Matthew Magann ’21 and Teddy Hill-Weld ’20 as opinion editors.

Florida Huff ’21 and Lauren Segal ’21 will serve as arts editors, replacing Lex Kang ’21 and Lucy Turnipseed ’22. Segal served as arts editor in the fall of 2019.

Addison Dick ’22 and Justin Kramer ’21 will continue serving as sports editors, with Lili Stern ’22 ending her tenure. 

Novi Zhukovsky ’22 will continue serving as Mirror editor, joined by Sarah Alpert ’21. Kylee Sibilia ’20 will end her tenure. 

Naina Bhalla ’22 will continue serving as photography editor along with Divya Kopalle ’21, who served as photography editor in the spring and fall of 2019. Lorraine Liu ’22 will end her tenure.

William Chen ’22 and Aaron Lee ’22 will continue serving as data visualization editors.

Sophie Bailey ’22 will replace Samantha Burack ’20 and Bella Jacoby ’20 as design editor.

Grant Pinkston ’23 will continue his tenure as templating editor.

Lily Johnson ’21 will serve as social media editor, replacing Eliza Jane Schaeffer ’20. 

2020 Business Directorate

Tara Krumenacker ’22 will join Jasmine Fu ’21 as an advertising and finance director, replacing Jonathan Fried ’20.

Bruna Decerega ’21 and Olivia Gomez ’22 will replace Albert Chen ’20 and Eleanor Niedermayer ’20 as strategy directors.

Kate Bennett ’22 will join Kai Sherwin ’21 as business development directors, replacing Himadri Narasimhamurthy ’20.

Halle Dantas ’21 and Robert Doherty ’22 will serve as marketing, analytics and technology directors, replacing Vinay Reddy ’20 and Eric Zhang ’20. Selina Noor ’22 will become the assistant director of this section, replacing Franklin Goldszer ’20.

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