Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza



You Can Nap Here or There, or Anywhere

You can take naps anywhere, from the Tower Room in Baker Library on Sunday to your friends’ room while you are out on a Saturday night. They can be long or short — and depending how you look at it, helpful or harmful. 


Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend: My Favorite Place on Campus

The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio was founded in 1966 and is a very unique workshop among colleges and universities. Jeff Georgantes, director of the studio of 14 years, says that to his knowledge, no other academic institution has a professionally-managed jewelry studio open to all students, regardless of major. 


I've Got 35,000 Decisions but Chem 6 Ain't One

The butterfly effect is an idea originating from chaos theory. It states that even the flapping of a butterfly’s soft and small wings can lead to the winds shifting and preventing a terrible storm from happening in another continent.


The real Dr. Seuss

Who was “Dr. Seuss” at Dartmouth? An athlete? A scholar? A trickster? The Dartmouth Mirror sat down with English professor and the Ted and Helen Geisel Third Century Professor Donald Pease to find out.