Elizabeth Janowski

Elizabeth Janowski '21 is the news executive editor of the 177th directorate. Hailing from Brookfield, Wisconsin, she is pursuing a double major in history and film and media studies. 




Dartmouth Dining to see changes at multiple locations

As we look forward to the 2019-2020 school year, new changes — from new meal plans to a new feature of the GET Funds app that would allow students to place food orders ahead of time — will affect students’ interactions with food on campus. 


House communities to cluster by location for Class of 2023

This fall, the Class of 2023 will be the first group of students to experience the latest development in the College’s four-year-old house community system. Each first-year residence hall will now correspond to a specific house community, according to associate dean of residential life and director of residential education Mike Wooten. 


Conference on 1960s social movements to begin next week

Beginning next Wednesday, Dartmouth will host a two-day lecture series as part of a conference titled “Reflections on the Afterlives of 1969.” The series of talks, which will feature speeches from professors at Yale University, The Free University of Berlin and several other institutions, will address a range of topics including student activism, black political thought, anti-Vietnam war protests and the implications of 1960s social movements on the world today.


Mediation begins in PBS lawsuit

Mediation between the College and the nine plaintiffs in the ongoing class-action lawsuit against the administration will have begun by the end of this week.



Rally on Green protests ICE and detention camps

Following reports of inhumane conditions within immigration detention camps along the southern U.S. border that detailed children being subjected to overcrowding, poor sanitation and inadequate access to food and medical care, Hanover joined 700 cities nationwide to host a “Lights for Liberty” protest last Friday evening. 


#SayHerName lecture series opens

On Tuesday afternoon, a crowd filtered into Filene Auditorium for the opening of “#SayHerName: Intersectionality and Violence Against Black Women and Girls” — a six-part public lecture series exploring the topics of black feminism, social activism and responses to race and gender-based violence in America.