Mirror Asks

by The Dartmouth Staff | 4/17/19 2:00am

Tell us about your worst fall/slip on ice at Dartmouth.

Jimmy Nguyen ’21: I slipped on some steps at East Wheelock. My wrist was kinda funky for a month. When asked, I told people I hurt my wrist from playing tennis ... a much “cooler” way to hurt your wrist than from ice.

Divya Kopalle ’21: Outside Kemeny Hall after a Math 8 exam ... life just kicking me when I was down.

Peter Charalambous ’20: I don’t remember the last time I fell. I’m usually off the in the winter.

Sarah Alpert ’21: I got up early to study before a midterm, and on the path between McLaughlin and the library, I slipped and fell right on my wrist. I almost passed out from the pain, but Julie Lim ’20 found me and brought me to Novack and called Safety and Security (thanks Julie). 

Maggie Doyle ’22: My worst ice slip happened week one of winter term. I caught myself but split open my hand in the process.

Novi Zhukovsky ’22: Haven’t had one yet! (Knock on wood.)
Claire Callahan ’22: My sister warned me to be careful outside. I took a mental note, and then the literal first step I took, I was suddenly flat on my back.

Justin Kramer ’21: I have fallen on ice so many times that I even wrote a Dartbeat article about it. The worst one, though, was definitely flipping and landing on my backpack coming up the Foco ramp.

What’s your favorite icebreaker game to play? Any funny stories?

JN: “Rose, Bud, Thorn” is nice. Good for reflecting.

DK: I’m sorry, but they’re all bad.

PC: “If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?” I’d be a garlic press.

SA: I recently did an ice-breaker where everyone had to say what vegetable they would be if they were a vegetable, no context provided. I found it funny because I started picturing each person next to their vegetable, just wondering if they looked alike.

MD: Two truths and one lie. 

NZ: Honestly, I hate icebreakers because I always panic when it’s my time to share. During O-Week, I accidentally said that my pronouns were “he, him, his.”

CC: When two people go into the middle of the circle and someone on the outside gives an adjective, another gives a vegetable and the two people act it out. One is declared the winner.

JK: The “Shoe Game” is an excellent icebreaker. Everyone puts one shoe in the middle and grabs a different shoe before striking up a conversation with that shoe’s owner. 

Describe your ideal ice cream order.

JN: Coffee ice cream, coffee flavored anything!

DK: Oreo and Moose Tracks.

PC: Chocolate cookies and cream on a rainbow sprinkle waffle cone.

SA: In the summer, black raspberry with chocolate sprinkles. In the winter –– because yes I still eat ice cream in the winter –– probably Oreo or something coffee-related.

MD: Moose Tracks ice cream topped with cookie dough.

NZ: Mint chocolate chip with Butterfinger crumbles in a cake cone.

CC: Coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks in a sugar cone.

JK: You have to start with the heaviest ice cream on the bottom and work your way up. So I’ll put my butterscotch ice cream on the bottom, then strawberry above that, then raspberry sorbet, then rainbow sherbet and finally lemon sorbet. I’ll take whipped cream too, but I’m eating that first before touching the ice cream.

What are you most excited for this spring term?

JN: Seeing the leaves grow back around Occom Pond.

DK: Whatever rogue event Foco has. 

PC: Fly fishing when it gets a little warmer.

SA: Sitting on the Green forever and ever and ever.

MD: Warmth. 

NZ: I’m excited to do fun activities outdoors like going to the lake, visiting the O-Farm, having dinner on the Green!

CC: Kayaking on the Connecticut and sunbathing on the green.

JK: I can’t wait for my two Ultimate Frisbee tournaments. Also, Spikeball.

Tell us about a time you tried to break the ice when you first met someone.

JN: The ice is never broken when I first meet someone. Awkward dude problems.

DK: I usually just ask people if they have a Soundcloud.

PC: I have a running Google Doc of corny jokes to break the ice.

SA: My best friend is pretty introverted, so it took me a while to know whether she hated me or wanted to be my friend. Eventually I figured it out.

MD: On DOC Trips, we hit a conversation lull, and my leader just asked “So, do any of you have interests?” For some reason, we thought that was the funniest thing in the world.

NZ: During O-Week, I got the freshman plague. Really badly. Basically, I couldn’t speak. So every time I tried to introduce myself to someone new, I would have to repeat myself five times. CC: I love asking random questions. I have an endless arsenal: what would be your first selfish purchase if you won the lottery, what outfit best represents your soul, etc.

JK: Freshman fall I introduced myself to someone at a kickback as the UGA — that (understandably) was not very well received.

What makes you chill with fear?

JN: Case studies. #econsnake.

DK: Snakes. 

PC: Drowning in a pool of diet orange jello.

SA: Spiders! 

MD: I’m deathly afraid of fish.

NZ: Long Foco lines.

CC: Being in a car driving through treacherous, winding mountain roads.

JK: Gluten, especially breadsticks. That stuff gives you nightmares when you have Celiac disease.