Letter to the Editor: Echo Chamber

by William Hamlen ’84 | 1/16/20 2:00am

I am an ’84 who recently moved back to Hanover and has recently read The Dartmouth several times. I am disappointed to see how far left the paper has drifted.  

For example, in The Dartmouth’s Jan. 9 opinion section, the first editor’s opinion piece ends with, “The stakes are too high to risk another four years of Trump.” While I did not vote for Trump, the nation is currently enjoying record-low unemployment and a record-high stock market. You may not like the President, but most working people are more worried about the risk of a socialist agenda than they are of another four years of prosperity.  

A second column argues that some varsity sports are elitist due to their low minority participation. However, given that 59 percent of student athletes in the Ivy League are white (per the article) in a country where 72 percent of the population is white (per Google), then one must conclude that overall, sports offer minorities a gateway to higher education.  

A third opinion was a tirade about the lack of a black candidate on the Democratic debate stage and concludes that we are a racist nation. Given the eight years of Barack Obama in the White House, we should give this argument a rest while we wait for another truly inspiring minority candidate.

The Dartmouth appears to be stuck in a left-leaning echo chamber. Perhaps it is time to include a more diverse spectrum of opinions to keep The Dartmouth fresh and relevant.


William Hamlen

William Hamlen is a member of the Class of 1984 and former member of The Dartmouth staff.

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