Allison Levy


Courtesy of Laura Bryn Sisson


AS SEEN ON: The '90s Are All That!

Courtesy of Some of my earliest childhood memories involve watching Nickelodeon, as it was a rare occurrence to find my family's television tuned to anything other than the king of all '90s children's cable.


AS SEEN ON: Fastforward to fall development season

Since we've reached the point in the term where most Dartmouth students (myself included) don't have time to watch too much TV, I thought I'd devote this column to the most promising shows slated to hit the small screen in the fall. In the months preceding the upfront presentations, where networks announce their primetime schedules for the next year, networks order pilots for their fall seasons.


AS SEEN ON: 'Community'

By Allison LevyThe Dartmouth Senior Staff I usually try to do more with this column than to give a simple thumbs up or down, discussing individual shows in order to reach some quasi-intellectual conclusion about the state of television or its audience.