Best of 2019: Editors' Picks

by The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 12/31/19 12:55pm


Dartmouth came back from a nine-point deficit to beat Brown, 29-23.

by Sam Hysa / The Dartmouth Staff

Below is a curated selection of our top articles from 2019. These are articles that sparked, and informed, important conversations; that dug deeper into the issues we face on campus; and that make us proud. They come from a wide range of writers, sections and topics. Enjoy!

Students and professors targeted by racist, sexually explicit emails 

Early this year, at least 20 Dartmouth students and professors received racist and sexually explicit emails. The Dartmouth reported on the offensive messages in one of the most-read stories of the year, as well as sharing the community's responses to the incidents.

The CPD offers limited resources for students interested in public sector jobs

Students interested in consulting, finance and corporate jobs are granted a plethora of opportunities to learn about these companies and their recruiting processes. Some students criticize the relative lack of resources available for those interested in not-for-profit work or public service. Following the reporting, the Dartmouth Editorial Board urged the College to recognize the role it plays — both directly and indirectly — in affecting students’ futures.

Dartmouth’s commencement speaker for 2019

The Dartmouth reported that Yo-Yo Ma was to be the commencement speaker for the Class of 2019.

Federal work authorization delays threaten international students’ internships

The Dartmouth reported on a petition that called on the College to support international students at Dartmouth who were close to losing their summer jobs and internships due to federal work authorization delays. Two days later, the College announced that it would offer work authorizations to affected students. This phenomenon affected college students across the nation, and The Dartmouth’s reporting was picked up by national publications.

Verbum Ultimum: Seat saving detracts from commencement

The Dartmouth Editorial Board criticized the College’s “hands-off approach” to regulating the common (and costly) practice of seat-saving at commencement. 

Average GPA and A grades increased at Dartmouth over the past decade

Citing a report from the Office of the Registrar obtained by The Dartmouth, we reported on a decade-long, “significant” upward shift in grades at the College. 

Sexual misconduct lawsuit

Throughout 2019, The Dartmouth reported on developments in an ongoing sexual misconduct lawsuit filed against the College late last year — click here for an extensive timeline. The College and the plaintiffs settled in October, although concerns have since been raised about the terms of the settlement. 

First women on campus featured in film on coeducation

The documentary “Early Daughters of Dartmouth — Blazing the Trail to Coeducation,” which was screened at the Hop during Homecoming weekend, details the experiences of the first seven female students at the College. The Dartmouth reviewed it here.

Sharing students’ perspectives on campus matters

Early in the morning of Oct. 17, The Dartmouth published the results of a survey which revealed, among other things, that students strongly opposed the College’s new restricted dorm access policy. That same day, the College partially reversed course, restoring student access to social spaces. The College later restored universal dorm access during daytime hours — a near-full reversal of its original policy. 

A firsthand look into the mental health resources on campus

A first-year student embarks on a quest for counseling at Dartmouth. Are Dick’s House counseling services really as inaccessible as their reputation suggests? What other services does the College offer to students struggling with mental health?

Opinion: Andrew Yang isn’t funny

Opinion staff columnist Diana D’Souza ’23 finds Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s use of “one-liners that enforce Asian stereotypes” to be alienating and hypocritical, given his efforts to angle himself as a trailblazer for minorities.

Verbum Ultimum: Journalists must tell both sides of the story

The Editorial Board weighs in on a resolution passed by Harvard’s student government criticizing The Harvard Crimson newspaper for seeking comment from ICE in its coverage of a student protest.


Greek houses suspended

Three Greek houses — Alpha Phi sorority, Chi Heorot fraternity and Zeta Psi fraternity — were suspended this past fall, following the suspension of Phi Delta Alpha fraternity during the summer. This chain of suspensions comes amidst efforts to “improve the culture” of Greek life as a whole, according to the Office of Greek Life.


Changes in financial aid awards force some students to leave Dartmouth

In the second most-read story of 2019, The Dartmouth shed light on an under-discussed, yet highly important, topic: the fact that sometimes, due to unpredictable changes to financial aid packages, students are unable to finish their studies at Dartmouth.

It was a good year for Dartmouth Football

After a near-perfect season, which included a last-second victory over Harvard on a Hail Mary and an exciting defeat of the then-undefeated Princeton Tigers (images here), the Big Green earned a share of the Ivy conference title for the first time since 2015.


The Dartmouth’s Fall 2019 politics survey

The Data Visualization team gathered information about students’ perceptions of key figures and institutions in politics, as well as their top issues for the 2020 election. The team reports key findings here.