Mirror Asks

by The Dartmouth Staff | 5/15/19 2:00am

East coast or west coast?

Josephine Kim: West coast.

Christina Baris ’22: East coast for sure.

Sarah Alpert ’21: East coast all the way. I need my four seasons.

Yuna Kim ’22: West coast for sure.

Novi Zhukovsky ’22: East coast.

Nikhita Hingorani ’21: Neither. South coast!

Divya Kopalle ’21: West coast because we all know I’ve been here too long.

What’s your favorite view at Dartmouth?

JK: Occom Pond.

CB: There are so many pretty places on campus, but honestly my favorite view is my friends. Is that too cheesy?

SA: From the center window in the Tower Room out onto the Green.

YK: This is a little outside Dartmouth, but biking around Hanover is absolutely gorgeous.

NZ: A short KAF line. 

NH: The view of campus from fourth floor Fairchild. 

DK: Short KAF line lol.

What is your dream travel destination?

JK: Jerusalem.

CB: Thailand.

SA: All of Italy!

YK: So many places, but the next place I want to go to is Amsterdam!

NZ: The Maldives, but the islands are slowly sinking because of climate change. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it before they totally disappear! 

NH: Mykonos. Or Hawaii. Huge island gal. 

DK: Australia.

Would you rather be nearsighted or farsighted?

JK: Nearsighted, no one can see that far away anyways, right?

CB: I’m already extremely nearsighted, so I guess I’ll stick with that?

SA: Nearsighted, not that I have much of a choice in the matter. This way I can rock contacts or glasses and it feels almost fashion-y, even if I’m actually slave to my eyes drying out or squinting till I get a headache.

YK: Probably nearsighted, as I am now.

NZ: Nearsighted because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see when I read or write.

NH: Farsighted. I hate waking up and not being able to see anything clearly. 

DK: Nearsighted.

What’s your favorite weird snack combo?

JK: Popcorn with olive oil and pink himalayan salt with dark chocolate.

CB: Popcorn and chocolate-covered cookie dough bites — best movie-watching snack.

SA: Chocolate-dipped pretzels dipped into peanut butter … less weird than innovative.

YK: Cheese and chocolate ... is that weird?

NZ: Mozzarella cheese sticks with mustard.

NH: Hot Cheetos and cream cheese. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. 

DK: Peanut butter on hash brown sticks is surprisingly good at Foco brunch.

Where’s the furthest you’ve been from home?

JK: Cusco, Peru.

CB: Milan, Italy.

SA: China.

YK: Visiting Korea! Although Korea does feel like a second home.

NZ: The Middle East, probably.

NH: Johannesburg, South Africa. 

DK: I went to West Leb once.

What’s one thing on your Dartmouth bucket list that you haven’t been able to do yet?

JK: Water activities in the lake or river.

CB: Ahh! So many things I’ve yet to do! Definitely want to take advantage of the New Hampshire fall and go on a hike during peak foliage.

SA: Any of the challenges!

YK: The 50 ... we’ll see if it actually even happens, though.

NZ: Polar Plunge!

NH: Go on an actual sunrike. Whenever I’ve tried to go on one in the past, the weather would never be cooperative, so I would get to the top of a mountain only to be greeted by a sad, cloudy sky. Hopefully I’ll have a successful one this summer. 

DK: Go on a DOC hike.

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