Mirror Asks

by The Dartmouth Staff | 5/8/19 2:00am

Where do you go to find peace at Dartmouth?

Lex Kang ’21: I take a walk around Occom Pond.

Sarah Alpert ’21: I would normally say Pine Park, but recently, they tore down lots of trees and it’s a muddy mess.

Claire Callahan ’22: I like to sit outside on a bench and write in a journal or listen to music while walking around Occom Pond.

Yuna Kim ’22: Tower Room. It’s always so calm and quiet in there.

Novi Zhukovsky ’22: Poetry room in Sanborn. It’s probably one of my favorite places on campus.

What’s the biggest argument you’ve had recently?

LK: My sister and I couldn’t agree on whether or not I look like Wreck-it-Ralph.

SA: Deciding where to eat once DDS loses all appeal by the end of the week …

CC: I can’t remember the last big argument I had.

YK: I’ve been a little too exhausted recently to pick a fight with anyone (yikes).

NZ: I had an argument about whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio is still hot. I say yes.

What’s your preferred method of conflict resolution?

LK: Upon agreement from all parties, calmly being brutally honest until we figure out next steps/who is responsible and should be held accountable

SA: Talk about it immediately! I can’t function with conflict looming over my head, so better to resolve it sooner rather than later.

CC: Sitting down without any outside distractions and talking until you understand each other.

YK: Sleep it off.

NZ: I’m not a very confrontational person, so I try to avoid engaging in fights in the first place. If I end up in a conflict with someone, I will try to be as honest and open as possible with them so that we can talk through our differences. I don’t like leaving conflict up in the air or “forgetting” that a fight happened.

Do you consider yourself a good cop or a bad cop? 

LK: Bad cop.

SA: Good cop.

CC: I’m not afraid of confrontation so maybe that would make me a bad cop? But I’m a good cop inside.

YK: Both?

NZ: Both?

Do you believe in fate?

LK: Nope.

SA: I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe that even if not everything happens for a reason, everything that seems bad at first can lead to something good in the end.

CC: I only believe in fate when the idea of it makes my life sparkle whimsically. I don’t base my life outlook on fate or take it seriously.

YK: I believe everything happens for a reason, so ... yes.

NZ: No, but I like to believe in karma.

Describe Week 7 in one word. 

LK: Help.

SA: My birthday!

CC: Accelerating.

YK: Daunting.

NZ: Rain.

What role do you play in a group setting?

LK: Depends, but often the leader.

SA: That depends on how well I know people. Usually, I like to be chatty and decisive, but that doesn’t always feel right when it’s a new group.

CC: Conversation facilitator.

YK: I’m usually considered the group mom (lol).

NZ: I think that my typical role in a group changes based on the environment and setting.

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