Mirror Asks

by The Dartmouth Staff | 5/22/19 2:10am

by Samantha Burack / The Dartmouth

Where do you think has the best coffee in Hanover?

Maggie Doyle ’22: One Wheelock. Hands down.

Sarah Alpert ’21: I really like Umpleby’s espresso drinks.

Yuna Kim ’22: Morano Gelato.

Claire Callahan ’22: One Wheelock (it’s free).

Eliza Jane Schaeffer ’20: Dirt Cowboy.

Novi Zhukovsky ’21: Dirt Cowboy’s french roast is my favorite.

Christina Baris ’22: Dirt Cowboy.

Kylee Sibilia ’20: Umpleby’s, partly for the vibes.

Nikhita Hingorani ’21: Dirt.

Bella Jacoby ’20: Dirt.

What’s your favorite way of de-stressing during finals?

MD: Going on frequent walks around Occom Pond and blasting Taylor Swift.

SA: Going on runs and taking coffee breaks with friends.

YK: Getting meals and hanging out with my friends.

CC: Reading a middle school-level book like “Percy Jackson” or the “Hunger Games.”

EJS: Studying off-campus and/or outside.

NZ: Long showers and walks on the Green.

CB: Good music.

KS: My friends and I always spend a night making pasta for dinner and eating together, which is really fun near the end of the term.

NH: I like taking walks around Occom.

BJ: Yoga.

The stacks: love them or hate them? 

MD: Hate.

SA: Both, tbh.

YK: Hate them.

CC: I hate them when it’s dark, but the sixth floor in natural light is okay.

EJS: I have neutral feelings towards the stacks.

NZ: Literally never been in the stacks. They seem too depressing.

CB: Hate to love them.

KS: I hate them a lot because it always gets too cold.

NH: I like certain areas, like the East Asian Room, but I never study in the stacks near First Floor Berry, for example.

BJ: Too cold.

Do you like to study with friends or alone?

MD: Alone.

SA: Alone. People are so distracting.

YK: Usually alone.

CC: With friends if I don’t have to concentrate too hard.

EJS: It depends on how urgent or thought-intensive my work is.

NZ: Both. If I have a really big or important assignment, I’ll hole myself up in Sanborn. But if I just have busywork, or an easy reading assignment, I prefer to be around my friends.

CB: Alone.

KS: I like studying with friends because they keep me accountable.

NH: If I’m studying for an exam I study alone, but if I’m doing light work I study with friends.

BJ: Depends on the vibe ya know.

Are you a big procrastinator? 

MD: I’m a super productive procrastinator. I’ll clean my room, call my family and catch up on the news all to avoid homework.

SA: Not at all! If I have one thing going for me, it’s my self-discipline.

YK: No, it gives me too much anxiety!

CC: Yes, but I always know I can finish. I just prefer to work at a slow, steady pace with lots of breaks.

EJS: No, procrastinating stresses me out.

NZ: Not really. I don’t like having assignments looming over me, so I try to get everything done as soon as possible.

CB: One hundred percent yes.

KS: Not really because I like to be organized and get things done early.

NH: Yes. I always have been.

BJ: I can literally only work when a deadline is quickly approaching.

Whats your opinion on dance-floor PDA?

MD: Not pleasant but I don’t judge.

SA: Guilty of it myself, but gross if it’s anyone else. I’m aware that this makes me a hypocrite.

YK: It’s ... fine?

CC: If it’s consensual, hell yeah.

EJS: I respect the hustle.

NZ: Get a room!

CB: If it’s your thing, go for it.

KS: Everything’s fine in moderation.

NH: Do it, but don’t do it in the middle of the dance floor. Like, go to a corner or something.

BJ: Huge fan if it’s consensual.

What time of the day are you most productive?

MD: From 9 to 11 a.m.

SA: After dark, but not too late.

YK: In the early morning and late at night.

CC: Early afternoon.

EJS: Definitely the morning.

NZ: Afternoon. Honestly, I can’t really be productive after 10 p.m.

CB: Mid-afternoon.

KS: Definitely mid-mornings and afternoons.

NH: In the mornings before my 12.

BJ: Morning Novack at like 8 a.m., unfortunately.

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?

MD: Never. 

SA: For fun, but never for work.

YK: Not in college, no. And I firmly plan not to.

CC: Nope.

EJS: Never. 

NZ: Nope. When I get tired, my mind literally shuts down. If I pulled an all-nighter, I wouldn’t be productive at all.

CB: Yes. Many times, unfortunately.

KS: Once last year when I saved seats for graduation, but it was not a fun experience, and I don’t plan to repeat it.

NH: Yes, last Thursday actually.

BJ: Yes, but mostly only for art classes.