Editor's Note

by Carolyn Zhou and Nikhita Hingorani | 1/23/19 2:30am


 As college students, we face a constant pressure to always be happy. These are supposedly “the best four years of our lives,” and we all know that time at Dartmouth goes by quickly. We are suddenly forced to grapple with not only the question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” but also “What do you want out of life?” Happiness is an obvious answer — but a lot of us are still trying figure out what that means beyond finding out that the KAF line is short.

In this week’s issue of the Mirror, we explore the norm of our generation to pretend like every moment we live is “Instagram-worthy,” the constant battle we face between choosing happiness and success and the ways in which students cope with their first Dartmouth winter. We also take a moment to appreciate the little things that make us happy, since a fresh Foco cookie really has the power to turn any terrible day around. Take a break from your pursuits and read with us — maybe you’ll realize that happiness isn’t too far from your reach.