Dartmouth not included in Department of Justice antitrust investigation

by The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 4/12/18 11:24am

The College has not received a letter from the Department of Justice about potential violations of antitrust law in its admissions practices, College spokesperson Diana Lawrence wrote in an email.

The DOJ sent such a letter to several colleges and universities last week as part of an investigation into these schools’ early decision policies, under which students can be admitted to a school early in exchange for a binding commitment to attend that institution. The DOJ appears to be concerned that these schools are sharing information with one another about the students they accept via early decision, in a way that could violate federal antitrust law. Other news outlets have reported that Amherst College, Middlebury College, Wellesley College, Wesleyan University, Williams College and Tufts University have received the letter.

Dartmouth does not share the names of students accepted through early decision with other institutions, nor does it take action on such lists should other schools send them to Dartmouth, Lawrence wrote.

For the Class of 2022, the College accepted 565 students via early decision, representing about 29.3 percent of the total number of accepted students.