Mirror Asks: Masks

by The Mirror Staff | 11/1/17 2:10am

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Maria Harrast ’21: In second grade, I was Katara from the TV show “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Zachary Gorman ’21: When I was 10 I didn’t originally plan on dressing up for Halloween, but I changed my mind at the last minute. The only “costume” left at the store was a plain orange mask. I was Carrot Man that year.

Lauren Budd ’18: In fourth grade, I was the Mona Lisa: I wore a picture frame around my body with a background hand-painted by my artist grandmother and black clothing. Runner up: when I went as the house from Up.

Cristian Cano ’20: This is gonna sound really nerdy. One time I dressed up as an alkane molecule for an inside joke ... my chemistry teacher in high school didn’t get it.

Eliza Jane Schaeffer ’20: This year, I was the gold standard. I wore a gold dress and wrote “standard” on my chest.

Annette Denekas ’18: Honestly tonight’s costume from production is right up there. Lauren, May, Tiffany and I dressed up as our shining star idol, editor-in-chief Ray Lu ‘18, masks, SigEp sweatshirts and all.

May Mansour ’18: I was Amy Winehouse for Halloween this year, but I suspect that my best will be the one I wear next year. I plan to go as Frida Khaled (a hybrid of Frida Khalo and DJ Khaled), decked out in a flower crown, unibrow and red lipstick for Frida, with an Adidas track suit and gold chains for Khaled.

Do you have any hidden talents?

MH: My arms are double-jointed.

ZG: I don’t have any hidden talents. I don’t have any non-hidden talents either.

LB: I do a great Adam Levine impression (ask my fellow editors).

CC: I can braid hair pretty well — but if you know me well, it’s not really a hidden talent.

EJS: I’m really good at diagnosing myself with terminal illnesses via WebMD.

AD: I used to play piano and sing in high school, but sadly do not have the time (and probably the skill) to do that anymore.

MM: I asked Lauren and she says my hidden talent is poetry.

Have you ever tried to cover something up only to have it backfire and the truth revealed? (Low stakes — no need to get super deep/personal).

MH: I wanted my sister to believe her Elf on the Shelf was alive, so I wrote her a letter the first night and pretended her elf wrote it. After that, my sister wrote a letter every night, and I had to keep responding until Christmas.

LB: When I was 4 or 5, I was dying to help keep the secret of what my mom had gifted my dad for his birthday. I did a great job until the day of, when I walked up to him in the morning and exuberantly announced, “You’re gonna love your new set of golf clubs!”

EJS: When they were 4 and I was 6, my brothers and I ate ALL of the candy my mom had bought to hand out on Halloween while she was taking a nap. I tried to tell her that I had no part in it, but she didn’t believe me, probably because the fact that the three of us had managed to finish an entire punch bowl’s worth of candy was already stretching the rules of science.

MM: I am perpetually late to everything. Since allowing my friends to track me on Find My Friends I have been caught lying about being “omw” when in reality I am in my bed binge-watching Big Mouth on Netflix waiting for my muscles to finally atrophy.

If you could embody anyone in the world from any time period for a day, who would it be and why?

MH: I’d want to be my mom on her first day of college to see how different it was from my own experience.

ZG: I would be President Chester A. Arthur so that I could do something to make him less forgettable.

LB: Michelle Obama. Or I would infuse my youthful energy into Ruth Bader Ginsburg to give her a boost for the next several years.

EJS: I would be Trump because I would love to know what it’s like to have so much unfounded self-confidence.

AD: Ellen Degeneres — I absolutely love her and her show and her dancing and her jokes and her Facebook memes.

MM: I’ll keep it contemporary and say Misty Copeland. I can’t imagine what it must be like to move so gracefully.

If you had the power of invisibility, what would you do with it?

MH: I would sneak onto planes and travel the world for free.

ZG: I would work for the CIA as the greatest spy of all time.

LB: Get some goddamn peace and quiet.

CC: I’d be a ghost for Halloween!

EJS: I would stand behind the guys who work the stir-fry/egg stations at Collis. I feel like that would be good people watching. Also I want to know what they talk about/what’s the DDS gossip.

AD: I would cut the Collis line during pasta rush hour.

MM: The biggest impediment to traveling is airfare, so I would hop on airplanes and travel for free.