Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 11/1/17 2:05am

Happy Week 8, Mirror readers! This week, your esteemed editors arrived at Robinson Hall fully prepared for Halloween celebrations. Annette, May and Lauren thought long and hard about what they wanted to dress up as this year, when photo editor Tiffany realized that the answer had been staring them in the face all term long: intrepid EIC Ray Lu ’18. Tiffany quickly set to finding the most embarrassing photo of Ray available on the internet (it was his portrait for his “First Team” column back during sophomore summer) and blowing it up so big on Microsoft Word that she had to hide behind the column in KAF to avoid public ridicule. At 12:04 p.m., May sent a text to Tiffany asking her whereabouts, only to receive the following response: “I’ll be at KAF in 15. I’m printing out Ray.” Tiffany proceeded to cut out the large copies of Ray’s head and tape them onto Popsicle sticks to create makeshift masks, while Lauren, Annette and May harassed the collective three Sig Eps that they know for house gear. (May, ingenious as she is, decided to tape a paper sign that read “Doucheland” on her shirt to mimic Ray’s Deutschland jersey.)

As you may have guessed, the theme for this week’s issue of the Mirror is “Masks.” The issue explores the term in its various iterations, featuring a column on sustainable fashion, a Q&A with a psychology professor on psychopathy and sociopathy and a profile of a course on drag visual culture. We hope you enjoy the issue!

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