Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 10/25/17 2:05am

Your three dauntless Mirror editors pranced into Robo on this bright, sunny Tuesday, smiling at each other while receiving warm, welcome hugs from a cheery editor-in-chief Ray Lu ’18. They were thrilled to be spending yet another long night together, especially since they all felt well-prepared for their midterms this week and because they’ve earned nothing but A’s this entire term. They’ve never felt healthier. One may go so far as to say they’re “peaking” during this wonderful week seven.

Kidding, of course. How many of you, loyal Mirror readers, actually believed any of that?

Here’s the truth: Annette arrived at Robo first (but still late), sprinting in from a prior commitment to edit with a writer, tissues spilling out of her pockets as she battles The Plague. While trying to pull her frantic thoughts together, she received the following texts from a similarly-scattered May: “Gonna be late to production. Went to Dick’s House and now driving back from West Leb. I went grocery shopping but couldn’t find my car after lol was stranded.”

After May rushed in, guzzling tea and cough drops and complaining about her lack of taste, the two looked around the office for an absent Lauren. Where was the final, most entertaining part of their dysfunctional team?

As if on cue, Annette and May’s ears perked up as they heard a pair of crutches being dragged loudly and unevenly through the hallway. Poor LB18 limped into the room, her leg sporting a massive cast, her arms sore from using crutches, her entire body dripping wet — as it had started to pour outside — and her eyes still groggy from a recent nap. The first words from this ill-fated editor? “I honestly don’t know — what time is it? How late am I?”

It is truly amazing you even HAVE an issue of the Mirror to view this week, dear readers. We’ll get to our point already: Many Dartmouth students experience the same phenomenon — trying to appear somewhat put together in public but often feeling quite the opposite in private.

Our theme relates. To complement last week’s “That Which is Public,” this issue is centered around “That Which is Private.” We feature stories based on yoga and meditative practices, familial reflections, silence, camera surveillance on campus, the jewelry studio, the Hood Downtown and public versus private high schools. Good luck with week seven!

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