Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 10/18/17 2:10am

Happy Week 6, Mirror readers! In honor of this issue’s theme, “That Which is Public,” your intrepid (do we use that word too frequently?) editors decided to entertain you with their most embarrassing, public stories. Naturally, this task was difficult for all of them — not because any stories didn’t come to mind, but because there were simply too many moments from which they struggled to choose.

May decided first. She blurted out, “MY PASSPORT PHOTO,” which of course left her co-editors begging to see it. The image of May — featuring Dora-the-Explorer-length hair, streaks of which were dyed copper, staring straight ahead angrily while simultaneously half-blinking — surpassed their expectations. Lauren decided upon the memory of herself running through her friend’s screen door, which then ripped and was replaced with a glass door. But the story continued for LB18 when she returned to her friend’s house and again forgot about the screen’s existence, resulting in her upright faceplant into the door and the acquisition of several bruises. Annette recalled her most “spontaneous” night over sophomore summer when she completed the Ledyard Challenge then streaked the Green. Overly committed to sprinting naked across the Green from Robo to Dartmouth Hall, she realized that an innocent, shadowed passerby coming from the Dartmouth Coach stop received a full view of her adventure.

Annette, Lauren and May also begged their fearless leader Ray Lu ’18 for his most embarrassing moment. He thought long and hard but settled upon his debut role as a star actor in a sixth-grade play. He played “Talking Rock.”

This week’s issue features further “public” escapades, including a Q&A with a public speaking professor, a story about students who work as nude models and a TTLG that reflects upon a student’s off-term experience at a French refugee camp. Enjoy!

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