Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 9/27/17 2:05am


Your Mirror team is coming at you this week in a full-out relay race, during which the three take turns tag-teaming each other as they run back and forth between Robo and their respective rush-engrossed Greek houses. Annette and May even high-fived while they passed one another along East Wheelock street, adjacent to the Green, May shouting over her shoulder, “All changes are in ... Start on layout!” (Annette returned to The D offices to find devoted editor-in-chief and shining star Ray Lu ’18 hunched over his phone next to his social media idol Lauren Budd ’18, asking for her advice on acquiring more Instagram followers. In keeping with our weekly fun facts, one of @laurbudd’s tweets got 8000+ retweets in 2016 — that’s sometimes more than what @realDonaldTrump himself gets!)

The fact that May, Lauren and Annette sit in an exceptionally steamy, aircondition-less second floor Robinson Hall office does not help them cool down from their relay race. (As is the rest of campus, we are wondering why these Hanover fall days have been 90 degrees! We’re really confused, because according to @realDonaldTrump, global warming is not real!) After listening to much complaining from his favorite editorial team, and watching them fan themselves with old newspapers, Ray — being the kind and caring editor he is — wheeled in a never-before-used air conditioner. Alas, the relay race continued as the editors took turns pressing themselves against it.

During this hectic night, your editors produce stories about the art of editing, Rauner manuscripts, improvization groups, ex-presidential speech writers and calligraphy classes — all focused around this week’s theme: scripts. Have an awesome rest of week three!

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