Editors' Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 5/24/17 2:05am

Happy week 9, Mirror readers! In keeping with the theme of “performance,” the intrepid editors reflected upon their personal experiences with the performing arts. Lauren described herself as a “theater child” — in her second grade play about the Oregon Trail, she narrated the entire production, serving as the critical character “Old Feller #1.” May recalled her experiences in her middle school’s improv comedy troupe, most notably the time she acted as an idle tree. Lastly, Annette recollected her fifth grade Revolutionary War play in which each student impersonated a different historical figure. Annette, performing as Sybil Ludington, cracked an eye-roll-worthy joke: “Some people think of me as the female Paul Revere, but I prefer to think of him as the male Sybil Ludington,” generating quite a chuckle from an audience of videotaping parents. #peak

At Dartmouth, the editors continued to dabble in the acting profession. Lauren directed “The Vagina Monologues” her sophomore year, in which May recited a piece that entailed screaming profanities at a very surprised audience. On a much smaller scale, Annette and her roommate memorized and performed the iconic handshake from “The Parent Trap” for their sorority.

In reference to this past Green Key weekend, May said she performed sobriety, but quite ineffectively. Lauren agreed, explaining that she fell asleep at her Foco table — twice — over the weekend. Annette made her friend laugh with a rather embarrassing performance in which she tried to open a bottle of wine with a pair of scissors, resulting in her somehow spraying wine into her face and onto the wall behind her.

Anyway, this week’s issue further explores the theme with stories about academic performances, plays, step shows and historical productions. Enjoy!