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April 24, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

I'm Mad (Lib)

Hanlon’s Letter

To the ____ (noun) of the Dartmouth ____ (noun),

Welcome back! A year ago, I appointed a ____ (noun) to study the possibility of a ____ (noun). For this spring term, we are delighted to announce Dartmouth’s new ____ (noun) institute. It will offer ____ (noun) for faculty and students to elevate ____ (noun/gerund), ____ (noun/gerund) and ____ (noun/gerund). It will provide resources for students, including ____ (adjective) ____ (noun) opportunities as well as ____ (adjective) development funds, and create a visible infrastructure that will help us secure new ____ (plural noun). The institute will help our community soar. This idea was ____ (adverb) approved by Dartmouth’s Board of Trustees on March 15.

We write to express the concern of ____ (noun). Although not terribly dangerous, there have been recent incidents, including one in which a ’20 was (adverb) apprehended. We ask everyone to heed caution of the ____ (noun).

As we work together these last ____ (adjective) months of the 2016-2017 academic year, please ____ (verb) for one another, ____ (verb) to one another and allow the knowledge you have gained here to infuse the ____ (plural noun) that you will use during your time at Dartmouth.

Remember the ____ (noun) of community, how much we ____ (verb) on the ____ (noun) and goodwill of others and how essential it is for each of us to support our friends and neighbors. I am so ____ (adverb) ____ (past tense verb) and ____ (past tense verb) to be a part of such a ____ (adjective) community.


Phil “________” (noun/gerund) Hanlon

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