Letter to the Editor: On Respecting the Dignity of Others

The leaders of United Campus Ministers of Dartmouth argue​ against President Trump's travel ban.

by Guy Collins and Edward Boraz | 3/2/17 12:25am

The United Campus Ministers of Dartmouth College minister to a diversity of students across a broad range of faith traditions. We value our religious diversity. We also value the presence of citizens and non-citizens in our groups.

Many of us minister to students who are deeply anxious about their immigration status. All of us have an abiding concern for the Dartmouth community at this time of turbulence in our nation’s life. Many of us have marched in protest to support Muslims, refugees and others who were caught up in the travel ban. While we do not all share identical religious or political beliefs we do offer our support for all community members, students, staff and faculty whose immigration status has now become a cause for concern.

The world’s religious teachings are different. However, each values respecting the dignity and looking for the good in others. We believe that we will be a stronger community if we can see treat one another as beloved, rather than possessing a particular immigration status.

To this end, the UCM calls upon people of faith and people of goodwill to add their voices to the growing conversation here at Dartmouth around supporting immigrants and refugees. One of the ways this can happen is by each of us having the courage to listen to others who may not share our views. We minister to people on different sides of the political divide, and we hope and pray that we may grow stronger as a community committed to values of inclusion, diversity and mutual respect.

We are all in this together. Whatever your religious tradition or immigration status, know that you are not alone. We are heartened to see so many people of goodwill expressing their deep concerns for immigrants and refugees in the Dartmouth community. The UCM continues to hold immigrants and refugees in our thoughts and prayers. We also hope that these words may serve as a call to action to engage with, and support, the important work others are doing to strengthen this community as we reach out to serve immigrants and refugees.

– Rev. Guy Collins and Rabbi Edward Boraz

Boraz and Collins are the co-chairs of the campus issues subcommittee of the United Campus Ministers of Dartmouth.

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