Editor's Note

by Michaela Ledoux , Lucy Tantum and Alexandra Pattillo | 1/17/17 1:55am

Last night we took a break from our editing work to share some stories. Our discussion topic: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

Mikey: In Prague on the geography foreign study program, a couple of my friends and I did this “marathon” the second-to-last week of the program. We wanted to see the sunrise at Charles Bridge, so we had to stay up all night. After dinner, we had a little party in the apartment and went to a karaoke bar. At 2 a.m., we went dancing, then to a 24-hour KFC (of course!). At 4 a.m, we finally ended up at Charles Bridge for the sunrise and had a photo shoot. The sunrise was actually pretty anticlimactic, but the night was totally worth it.

Lucy: I went to Italy by myself over the summer. I stayed with a friend in Milan and also traveled to some other cities alone. I didn’t have much of an itinerary, and I don’t speak Italian, so I was usually somewhat lost. I met some university students in Milan and went to their end-of-year party, and it was interesting to see how the social life there was different than that of Dartmouth. I also spent a lot of time in strange modern art museums, including one with a haunted house. It had a lot of empty rooms and I couldn’t tell if they were symbolic or just empty. Either way, I’d recommend it.

Ali: Last year, my sister and I drove down the coast of South Africa. One night, this random Swedish guy we met at our hostel told us about this mythical lagoon in the area. He said at certain times of year, there were rumored to be bioluminescent organisms in the water. So around 1 a.m., we drove through this winding dirt road to a secluded area. We thought we had found the lagoon but we weren’t sure, so we figured the only way to know for sure would be to get into the water. So we stripped down and dove in. And the entire lagoon lit up with bright neon sparks of blue and green light. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and probably will ever see.

It’s moments like these that stay with you, moments that make you feel alive. Sunrises that may feel blinding; winding streets that offer something new around every corner; pools of water containing magical light.

This issue explores the places that Dartmouth students come from and the places they have been. We hope you can use their stories as inspiration for your own adventures.