Editor's Note

by Lauren Budd and Hayley Hoverter | 11/2/16 1:10am

We picked this week’s theme, hyped up on the excitement of the best holiday, Halloween, but more honestly, our shared enthusiasm for candy corn. As Hayley writes this sentence while eating a bag of some from CVS that she found on a random table, she is wondering if corn farmers ever eat candy corn, and, equally pressing, why all farmers’ tops aren’t crop tops. Unfortunately, it seems as though everyone else has already moved on from Halloween, which seems to have come and gone too quickly (RIP). While we may not have Halloween for another year, we are still left with its most central ingredient: fear. From failing a class that was supposed to be a layup to getting hit by an overenthusiastic biker on the Green, the potential for disaster is never far at Dartmouth. With homecoming behind us and finals looming near, it seemed only appropriate that the theme of this week’s issue be fear. From the irrational, such as Lauren’s fear of bees and Hayley’s fear of not getting on table (just kidding, relax), to the more serious, such as Hayley’s fear of getting hit by a car and Lauren’s fear of a Donald Trump presidency, we wanted to look into what really keeps students at the College up at night. Some seek out fear, some are held back by it and some don’t experience it at all. Happy reading!