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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Most beautiful singer: Ali Vannett '20.

If she isn’t America’s sweetheart, which she very arguably might be, she is certainly Fargo, North Dakota’s. Meet Ali Vannett ’20. She isn’t just your average perfect girl-next-door, though you’re going to wish she was your neighbor (think Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” music video). This girl packs a punch. Don’t let her good looks fool you — Is it even legal to have brows that good? Does she model for Anastasia Beverley Hills, and if not, why not? There is money to be made here, people.

Vannett is one tough cookie, and not in the misogynistic, demeaning sense of the term. Think more, “Oh, I just broke my tooth on this tough-as-nails cookie.” Vannett was on her way to play college hockey when she was hit in a game during the summer before her sophomore year and suffered her fifth concussion. She describes this experience as one of the more defining moments of her life, but it wasn’t nearly enough to take her down.

After having to stop playing hockey, Vannett found music and combined her musical talents with her church community. Piano, which she had always played as a hobby, became a key focus after she had to drop her beloved sport. She sings and plays guitar, though she didn’t bring one with her to college, so if you have one, here’s your “in.” She has a Baby Taylor guitar at home, a normal guitar scaled down to 75 percent of the size.

Combining some of her principal talents and interests, she started writing songs for different church services.

“It helped me get through a lot of what I was going through. I could just write about it and see how other people were also going through things in their lives,” she said. “It was really eye-opening, and definitely, looking back on it now, it was the biggest transition in my life.”

At home, Vannett lives with her parents and two sisters. Her homework companion until coming to college was an English Bulldog named Molly. And though she swears she’s going to miss her dear friends on campus, she can’t wait to be reunited with her North Dakota squad in a few weeks.