Editor's Note

In this week's editor's note, Lauren and Hayley discuss their dreams, even when one wishes the other wouldn't.

by Lauren Budd and Hayley Hoverter | 9/28/16 1:51am

Settling upon “Dreams” for this week’s theme proved a mistake for Hayley, as it only inspired Lauren to discuss, at length, her disgusting recurring dreams about her teeth becoming injured or falling out, even after Hayley pointedly remarked that she doesn’t think anyone really cares about anyone else’s dreams.

Most people, however, seem to love to talk about their dreams. With that in mind, we decided to let our writers tell us about their own dreams (which Mirror writer is getting subtweeted by JoJo from The Bachelor?), get to the bottom of the science of dreams (why does Lauren have a habit of getting in fights with significant others about infidelity in the dream-world?) and explore what happens when dreams change (is Hayley right in thinking that no one actually dreams of becoming an investment banker?).