What's in my flair box?

by Lauren Budd | 8/11/16 10:00pm

Leave your high heels, tight dresses and nice button-downs at home: going out at Dartmouth requires a totally different wardrobe. Here, our party themes aren’t suggestions, they’re lifestyles. We call our particularly special items “flair,” and after a few years many of us end up with impressive collections. Just in case you’re still confused about what to pack, we pulled out a few choice pieces to help guide you:

The Onesie. It’s cold outside and you’re lazy. Enter the onesie and you’re warm and adorable in one simple step.

The Ironic Dartmouth Gear. Whether it’s an old school frat tank or a “Dartmouth Grandma” t-shirt, you’ll be hip and spirited at the same time!

The Sparkly Dress. Hey, even the best sorority social chairs get bored sometimes and just land on “sparkles” as a theme. This dress is the perfect piece when you want to look all-out ridiculous…but still kind of hot.

The Hawaiian Shirt. Hanover weather may be unpredictable, but beach themes are forever. I wore this very shirt to a semi with nothing but a bikini top under it, but you can style it any number of ways.

The Birthday Suit. If there’s anything Dartmouth students love, it’s beer and nudity (or better yet, some combination of the two). Start feelin’ yourself and prepare to disrobe in anticipation of streaking finals, the Dartmouth Seven, an impromptu skinny dip or any other variety of the nude challenges you’ll soon be learning about.

The Crazy Leggings. These are the secret weapon of your flair collection — fun enough to add to an overall look but also stretchy and versatile enough so you can dance the night away or play a particularly athletic game of pong without fear of a wardrobe malfunction.

The Wings. Every good flair box has one wild card — the piece of flair that you may never get to wear, but becomes indispensable when the perfect theme arises. You never know when this day will come — or what that special piece will be — so you’d better bring every costume from Halloweens past anyway, just in case.

The Tutu. No matter what your theme or gender, a tutu will take your outfit from blah to bangin’.

The Santa Hat. This is a year-round favorite, as GDX- and TDX-mas are among our favorite parties every term. Prepare to grind to your favorite Christmas songs and have your childhood totally ruined.