Editor's Note

by Parker Richards | 7/14/16 6:30pm

by Tiffany Zhai / The Dartmouth

I, Parker Thornton Richards, do not understand pop culture. That’s essentially the starting premise of this week’s Mirror, centered around the impact of cultural phenomenon amongst Dartmouth students, from late-night viewings of “Game of Thrones” to screenwriting internships. That’s something worth covering. The next Mindy Kaling, Shonda Rhimes or even Fred Rogers (yeah, he went to Dartmouth) might already be amongst us.

According to the Center for Professional Development, just 2 percent of Dartmouth students go into media and entertainment immediately after graduation. It’s not a huge group by any means. Yet it’s the group we so often hear the most about, each time the primetime television schedule is chock full of Shonda-based programming. Why do we hear so much about Chris Miller and Phil Lord and not the hordes of stressed economics majors who get those “sick” finance internships each year?

So break away from your Thrones fan theories (Roose Bolton the skin-stealing immortal vampire, anyone?), pause the “Hamilton” soundtrack and take a peek at what the Mirror’s crack squad of intrepid cultural critics has unearthed.