Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 5/24/16 5:01pm

Happy week nine, Mirror readers! Hayley and Caroline can hardly believe that this is the last editor’s note they will pen together, as Caroline will be abroad in London in the fall. Where has the time gone?

In the spirit of the senior issue, the two Mirror editors were put in a reflective mood and reminisced about their time together.

There was their first night together in Robo, when Caroline made a very basic computer error that she, for some reason, found absolutely hilarious. Hayley remembers seeing her younger co-editor with her head down on the desk, tears streaming down her face from laughter, wondering how she was going to survive working with this crazy girl. There were the story assignment meetings, after which the two editors would lounge on the Robo couches, eating goldfish and giving each other life advice long after the writers had gone.

Then there were their 1 a.m. treks to Late Night Collis, after the Mirror had been published, when Caroline would search for anything with “chocolate, raspberry or coconut” and Hayley would, to Caroline’s surprise, get caffeinated coffee. Or their trips to Swirl and Pearl, or run-ins around the library, or meals at Foco.

Hayley and Caroline sadly realize that all of this is coming to an end.

This issue is themed around endings, as apart from this note it consists entirely of columns done by graduating seniors – Mirror columnists and The Dartmouth’s 2015 Directorate. Enjoy their insightful, articulate and candid narratives, and take heed of their wise advice. And if nothing else, remember the sage words of Dartmouth’s very own Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Congratulations on graduating, ’16s.