Editor's Note

by Noah Goldstein and Erin Lee | 5/19/16 8:40pm


When we started thinking about what the topic of gender means, we realized that it is incredibly broad. Gender is an integral part of our identities, and thus plays a role in almost everything we do. As gender has risen to the forefront of national discussion, particularly in the context of politics, we wanted to explore how these different issues and experiences manifest here on campus. Dartmouth’s gender dynamics are somewhat complex — the College was all-male for the first 202 years of its history — so it wasn’t a surprise to us that we found widely varying experiences and feelings over the course of our partnership.

Gender is a deeply personal, highly individual topic, and it is impossible to capture all perspectives within our limited number of pages. For our special issue, we wanted to highlight stories and opinions that capture snapshots of how gender comes into play at Dartmouth. From admissions to sports, we wanted to portray gender through the Dartmouth lens, showing our readers how we view the subject both as an institution and as a student body. We hope this issue will serve as a catalyst to continue thoughtful conversations on campus about gender and gender identity.

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