Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 5/3/16 5:01pm

Happy week six, Mirror readers and happy May! It’s practically impossible to believe that 2016 is already one third over. Where has the time gone? More importantly, how has Caroline already given up on all 17 of her New Year’s resolutions?

Although the spring weather is finally here, its timing was unfortunate. As carefree as Caroline’s week five was, her week six has been conversely busy and stressful. Hayley’s midterm work has largely tapered off, thankfully, but is not entirely done. Both editors still spent too much time in the library this weekend, despite the gorgeous weather.

It was a bit ironic, then, when Hayley stumbled upon Caroline “studying” in the library this past Saturday. Hayley had already seen her co-editor passing through Baker lobby a few hours earlier, double-fisting large iced coffees and complaining about all her work. However, when she walked over to say hello to Caroline in Novack later that day, she saw that Caroline was not studying any academic material, but was instead taking the Buzzfeed quiz “What’s Your Patronus?” Hayley laughed at her Harry Potter-obsessed co-editor as Caroline quickly switched her laptop screen with embarrassment.

As it turns out, though, Caroline was likely not the only Dartmouth student procrastinating this weekend. It seems that the busier we are, the more prone to distractions we are. Thus, we decided to theme the Mirror this week around just that – distractions. So, read the Mirror to distract yourself from the realities of midterms, and enjoy the issue.