Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 4/26/16 5:01pm

Happy Wednesday, Mirror readers. Looking out at the falling snow as we pen this editor’s note, it’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the halfway point of the spring term. We can only hope for a snowless May, but at this point jinxing Mother Nature seems dangerous — next thing we know it’ll be snowing during Green Key. Dartmouth students would never get over such a travesty.

As if the icy, wintry weather weren’t enough, week five has also seen an onslaught of midterm exams and papers. Thankfully Caroline didn’t have any major midterms this week and has instead spent her time desperately pleading in her sorority’s GroupMe to borrow someone’s laptop charger (no, she still has not bought one) and blowing money on hazelnut iced coffee at Dirt Cowboy (she insisted that it tastes almost as good as a Nutella milkshake, to which Hayley skeptically asked if Caroline had ever actually had a Nutella milkshake). The midterm gods were, unfortunately, not as kind to the Mirror’s other editor. Hayley spent the majority of her week in Rauner again, texting Caroline on Tuesday that the snowy weather accurately reflected her mood.

As is often the case with busy exam times, students can tend to become reclusive, isolating themselves in various parts of the library with a large coffee and Novack sandwich as their only company. But it’s also around this time that spending time with friends, even if it’s just a study break — a walk around Occom, a quick trip to Late Night — become so essential for our well-being. So in the spirit of that sentiment, the Mirror editors decided to theme this week’s issue around communication. Their writers delivered, as usual, with thoughtful, fascinating pieces touching on various meanings and facets of communication. Enjoy the issue!