Editors' Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 4/19/16 5:01pm

Happy April 20, Mirror readers. Just a reminder to be wary of any brownies you’re offered today, unless they’re free samples at KAF — in that case, fight tooth and nail to get one.

This week was marked by an unusual dearth of communication between the two editors. Caroline and Hayley spent the majority of their weekends in the library, bogged down with midterm papers and studying for exams, but they weren’t together. Caroline was on fourth-floor Berry, eating her favorite chocolate- and yogurt-covered raisins from Novack, trying to write her two papers but getting distracted by the gorgeous view of the sunny day outside. Hayley, on the other hand, was in Rauner slugging through her own essays and trying to ignore texts from her friends asking her to sit outside with them. The two editors did pass by one another on the Baker lawn at one point, long enough for Hayley to see Caroline double-fisting large iced coffees and for Caroline to ask Hayley if she was feeling okay, because she looked a bit pale. Caroline proceeded to guzzle both of these iced coffees within the span of the five minutes that they spoke, causing Hayley to look at her co-editor in slight alarm.

The theme for this week’s Mirror ­— pop culture — was a welcome reprieve for both library-ridden editors and their many peers, who are also suffering the pressures of week four. The idea was born when Hayley asked Caroline what she really wanted one afternoon in Robo, to which she responded simply, “A large iced coffee.” When Caroline posed the same question to Hayley, Hayley said she longed to watch a movie. Despite Caroline’s secret desire to theme a Mirror issue around coffee, the two decided Hayley’s desire served as a better inspiration and decided to theme it around pop culture. Enjoy the issue!