Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 4/12/16 5:01pm

Hello, Mirror readers, and happy week three. Now that the weather has finally reached (slightly) above freezing temperatures it’s easier to believe that we’re already one fourth of the way into the spring term.

This week, the Mirror theme was inspired by a disastrous event in Caroline’s life: the loss of her MacBook charger. She suspects that someone might have stolen it from her belongings in the library when she left for a few minutes to get lunch at Novack t’s also possible that she just misplaced it. In any event, despite retracing her steps and aggressively (read: accusingly) asking all of her friends if they’d seen it, the poor editor is now charger-less. She could simply buy or order another one, but thanks to her recent “spending freeze” (which began after her spring break, during which Caroline spent money recklessly — including purchasing a small box of fine chocolates for $55.60) she refuses to do so. So now the editor, who used to enjoy doing her homework sitting on her bed, has been forced to study in the library where she can check out chargers for free. Needless to say, Caroline is considering amending her “spending freeze.”

When she relayed this tragic tale to Hayley, the two co-editors realized even one more thing they have in common: a prospensity to lose belongings. Hayley shared how she has lost her student ID card at least six times since matriculating, which seems equally catastrophic to the loss of a Macbook charger — perhaps even more so, since without an ID you can’t really eat any food on campus. As the two editors debated which item was the worst to lose on campus (their consensus was a cell phone, which thankfully neither of the editors have lost yet) they decided to theme this week’s Mirror around lost and found.

Enjoy the issue!