Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 4/5/16 5:21pm

Happy Wednesday, Mirror readers. We hope you are handling the abrupt change in weather better than your Mirror editors are. “It will stop snowing eventually, right?” Hayley asks Caroline in a defeated voice, thinking longingly of sunny days in Hanover.

This week, in an unintentionally ironic twist of fate, Caroline and Hayley decided to theme the Mirror around the very thing that this snowy weather seems to defy: time. The idea was inspired by Caroline — who turned 20 this past Sunday — bemoaning the inevitability of aging as she sat on the Robo couch next to Hayley (who, for her part, had had enough of Caroline’s tangential musings). “I’m getting so OLD!” Caroline cried, carefully inspecting her face for wrinkles using the front-facing camera on her phone (because, ironically, Robo lacks actual mirrors) as Hayley rolled her eyes beside her. Caroline soon realized that she had distinct laugh lines around the corners of her mouth, causing her to gasp in panic and interrogate poor Hayley as to whether or not she saw them too. “It just means you laugh a lot!” Hayley unsuccessfully reassured her, as the taller coedtior subsequently began researching retirement plans.

Luckily, the Mirror writers maintained a much higher degree of sanity this week than their editors and explored their own conceptions of time. Enjoy the issue and stay warm!