Editors' Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 3/3/16 7:15pm

Happy Friday, Mirror readers! We can’t believe it’s already the last Mirror of the term, or that it’s March or that the winter just passed us by without really being, well, a winter.

This week, Hayley and Caroline didn’t have much time to venture into the bustling metropolis that is downtown Hanover, so they settled for eating together at good old Foco. They sat eating their Saturday brunch, Caroline downing six cups of coffee as Hayley periodically nodded off and almost fell off her chair. Instead of exchanging gossip and entertaining stories as they usually do, the two editors traded Emergen-C, ibpruofen and tissues as they debated who had slept less in the past week. (Caroline, ever the insomniac, won this title. She wishes she felt prouder.)

Sadly, the two Mirror editors are not the only Dartmouth students suffering from impaired health this week. If you don’t believe us, look around the library — everyone huddled down with their textbooks and laptops looks tired, their expressions mildly pained and even slightly ill. Even the most spunky, peppy and energetic people are walking with less of a spring in their step. Most notably, coffee is being depleted from DDS establishments at a record rate.

Thus, the two editors thought it was fitting to center the term’s final issue of the Mirror around physical health. (It should be added that Caroline and Hayley presented this storyboard to their writers over pizza and garlic knots. The irony was not lost on them, as Caroline halfheartedly commented she was going to a yoga class the next day.) And per usual, despite their unhealthy and sleep-deprived editors, their writers delivered. Read everything from a TTLG on fitness and nutrition to a piece exploring how athletes manage to stay healthy and sane.

Thanks for your loyalty these past few months, Mirror readers, and more importantly, thanks for tolerating these editor’s notes. Rest up over spring break and try not to miss us too much. We’ll be back before you know it.