Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 2/18/16 7:43pm

Hello, Mirror readers! We hope that you’ve recovered from the festivities of Winter Carnival and/or Valentine’s Day and are staying afloat at this busy time of term. At the very least we hope that, unlike Caroline, you did not wipe out on the ice as you were hurrying to class.

While thinking of a theme for this issue, Caroline and Hayley were stuck. They sat on the beige couches of Robo, their creativity utterly blocked, or perhaps swept away by that bitter wind. Suddenly, Caroline’s gaze fell upon the “I Voted” sticker that she had placed on her Dartmouth water bottle. You can guess what happened next.

“Politics!” she exclaimed to Hayley. The two government major editors beamed at each other. Combining their favorite academic subject and extracurricular — what could be better?

Despite what Caroline’s failure to complete all the readings for her government class would suggest, she and Hayley are both very passionate about politics. In fact, after brainstorming for the issue, hungry and disinclined to do work, they went rogue and spent the next couple hours at a local Hanover frozen yogurt establishment called Swirl and Pearl. Over coffee-flavored froyo, your two editors vented their frustrations about certain presidential candidates and the sorry state of politics in Washington. Then, their intellectualism exhausted, they delved into more age-appropriate topics like how they’d spent their Winter Carnivals and their plans for spring break. (As this outing suggests, working together every week has enormously strengthened the bond between them.)

Luckily, the Mirror writers did not veer off path as much as their editors did. Instead, they wrote incredibly thoughtful pieces touching upon different facets of politics and their influence at Dartmouth. Enjoy the issue!