Editor's Note

by Kelsey Flower and Katie Rafter | 2/12/16 1:12am

For this year’s Winter Carnival issue, we chose to focus on activism at Dartmouth.

As students, we may feel like we are on campus during a particularly turbulent time. The past few years have been filled with high-profile forms of activism on several salient issues. We watch demonstrations happen on campus and read about them nationally. Social media posts about different movements crowd our newsfeeds. Yet, our campus, just like our country, has a rich history of activism. When examined more closely, it can often provide context and perspective for the issues we care about today.

Activism comes in big dramatic moments, but it comes in smaller, quieter forms as well. For some people, it is easy to determine where they stand on different issues, but for others, it is harder to find their voice. In this issue you will find an exploration of different types of activism, focused on a variety of issues, carried out by all sorts of people. We urge our readers to reflect on the many nuanced parts that come together to form the greater concept of “activism” at Dartmouth, and what role in this campus climate they want to have themselves.

With its page limitations, this paper can only explore a small portion of this enormous and complex issue. However, we still think that the paper comes at a critical time when activism’s presence permeates both our campus and the entire country. We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you,

Kelsey Flower andKatie Rafter


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